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Research support: Keeping up to date and developing knowledge

Keeping up to date

This section provides information about way in which you can keep up to date with research in your area, as well as keeping up to date with general research developments. Retaining and developing current awareness is not only important for your research as it develops, but will also ensure that you can continue to enjoy your research journey.

A guide summarising this page is available in PDF format. Follow the link below to download the guide:

Build your network

An important part of being a researcher is knowing how you can keep in contact with others researching in your areas. Moreover, you may find that sharing information about your research activities leads to further opportunities not only for networking but also for research.

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Current awareness

Many databases allow you create alerts when research is published that may be of relevance to you. These could be based on saved searches, or could be tables of contents using a service such as the British Library's ZETOC service. Creating and monitoring alerts is an easy way to keep up to date with what research is being published in your area. Some databases require you to create a personal account in order to use this feature; read the Help Guides within the database.

Some examples of databases that allow you use an alert facility are as follows:

ZETOC from the British Library is considered to be the most comprehensive electronic journals tables of contents service, indexing the tables of content of over 20,000 journals. To create ZETOC alerts simply login to the service:

RSS, (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary), uses web feeds to publish information about sites that are updates, for example blogs. Using an RSS feed will mean that you don't have to check your favourite websites frequently; your RSS will point you in the direction of any changes.

If a website enables RSS feeds you will see this logo:  

You may prefer to download an RSS feed reader, or you may choose to make use of RSS feeds that are a feature of your Internet browser.

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Useful websites

In addition to online services that facilitate the building of your research network, you may also find the following helpful:

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