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Research support: ORCID

What is ORCID and why do you need one?

An ORCID is a number unique to each researcher.  Over 6.5 million researchers now have an ORCID.

Registering for an ORCID means that your research outputs are easily connected and identified to you. Many publishers and research councils now ask for an ORCID number. You will see reference to ORCID in databases such as SCOPUS. Anyone who participates in research should have an ORCID number to go alongside their name in research outputs. Having an ORCID may be mandatory for REF submissions in the future. 

Registering for ORCID is free. Go to the ORCID website for more information and to register.

Your ORCID profile
You will receive your identifying number and have access to the ORCID Registry. This will enable you to upload your research record and link to your publications so that others can view your research profile. As you go through your career as a researcher or academic, the ORCID Registry provides you with the opportunity to showcase your research outputs on your profile. To see how useful this is have a look at the author's listed in the University's Repository UBIR - click on the green ORCID icon and then click on the ORCID number, you will then see the profile of the author.  

Making the most of ORCID - it's more than a number

Your ORCID profile is an opportunity for you to showcase your research outputs so far. As well as your publications, you can add details relevant to your career, such as employment history, membership of professional associations, etc.

Make you sure select the green 'everyone' setting in each section that you to be discoverable by other researchers.

This includes your email settings, which you can edit.


ORCID for Academic Staff

Universities are being asked to voluntarily submit the number of staff with ORCID identifiers. This may become mandatory in the future. If staff registered for an ORCID and maintained a current record of research output, there would be a central source of research outputs. This would would make managing the REF submission more efficient.  

Once you have registered for an ORCID and completed your profile add your ORCID number to MyHR.

Login to MyHR

  • Click my Data Held at HESA
  • Add your ORCID identifier
  • Enter a Date for new details
  • Click Save

If you have any problems adding your ORCID details to MyHR, email with the subject ORCiD number


ORCID profile and UBIR

If you have publications on the University's repository, UBIR, you can import them into your ORCID profile. This will save you adding them manually.

Follow the instructions in this cribsheet.

If you have any problems, please email    

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