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Your starting point for Education (MA)

Your starting point for Education (MA)

This guide provides access to information on using the library, as well as finding and using resources for you  to complete your assignments.

Library staff will support your studies by:

  • Working with your School and lecturers to understand and meet your resource needs;
  • Providing inductions and user education sessions on how best to find and use resources;
  • Support the development of crucial study skills.

This guide is split into a number of sections; select from the tabs above.

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Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists Online (RLO) allows you to access module reading lists, and provides links to electronic resources from within that list where available. RLO is also accessible via Moodle.

For further help with RLO, look at the following guides:

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General library queries:

Call 01204 903094 or send a message to the Help Desk

General IT queries:

Call 01204 903444 or send a message to IT Support

Contact a Librarian:

Call 01204 903232 or send a message to the Librarians

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