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Developing study skills

If you have experience of conducting any research, you will already have an appreciation of how study skills are essential to help you make the most of your studies. There are many competencies that are considered to be study skills, and as well as developing skills in using library electronic resources, study skills also include critical thinking, note taking, essay writing, report writing, preparing and delivering presentations and taking examinations. Developing these key academic skills is essential for study in higher education, and will help you progress in your chosen career following university, too.

Information Literacy: what, why and how

Information Literacy (IL) is an essential skill that will improve the quality of your learning.

To be information literate is to be able to identify when and why you need information, understand how it is presented, critically evaluate it both in terms of its appropriateness of content as well as the quality of the information, and use and share that information.

LEAP Online has extensive information on what it is to be information literate including a quiz you can use to assess your own skills. Click on the LEAP Online image in the centre of this guide to find out more.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the next step: using the increasing and varied amount of digitally-born resources to enhance not only your studies, but also to help you operate in the connected world in which we live. Digital literacy concerns understanding the use of, for example, social media and virtual learning environments, to name just two examples. LEAP Online provides further information on how you can understand what it is to be digitally literate.

LEAP Online

LEAP Online offers support with your academic and personal development. Online tutorials cover a variety of topics such as referencing, time management, essay writing, finding appropriate information for assignments and many more. Each section contains information, videos and activities. You can earn digital badges by completing section assessments. 

Click on the image above to access LEAP Online and take a look at the Quick Start Guide below:

LEAP workshops

As well as LEAP Online, there is a range of face-to-face workshops that you can book onto using the StudentHub. Log in with your network username and password to make a booking.

Study skills books in the Library

A number of books on study skills are available in the Library; below are just some examples. More can be found by searching either on Discover@Bolton or on the Library catalogue.

Further study skills resources

A number of guides are available may be of use as you develop study skills. They are available from this page and are available in PDF format so they can be downloaded.

Advanced study skills

Undertaking a piece of research may require you to use what can be termed as advanced research skills. These include recording the details of your searches, widening the range of resources used and employing techniques to manage your research. LEAP Online contains information on how you can utilise advanced research skills.