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Mathematics: Using the Peter Marsh Library

Opening times

During term time, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Library staff are available at the following times:

Monday to Thursday: 8:45 - 21:00

Friday: 8:45 - 17:00

Saturday: 9:00 - 12:30

Library opening times Summer vacation

End of 24 hour opening: 24 hour opening of the Library stops at midnight on Friday 31 May 2019.

Summer vacation: 1 June - 15 September 2019

Library staff: available between 8:45 and 17:00 Monday to Friday

Where possible, the Library may open before 8:45, although this service cannot be guaranteed.

Security only: 17:00 to midnight Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 17:00 Saturday & Sunday.

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Finding your way around

Library Workshops and Events

Where to go for help

The Help Desk is located in the Link Zone; IT support is also available at this desk. In addition, we offer a roving support service: just look for staff throughout the Library.

Access the Library Catalogue

Use the link below to access the library catalogue:

Services and facilities

The mission of the Library is to provide an academic information resource supporting the teaching, learning and research needs of the user community on all major sites of the University, in such a way as to achieve the highest professional standards in a cost effective and user friendly manner.

The Service aims to provide: access to materials and services required for learning; accommodation in which study can be carried out; guidance, instruction and information about the services available; development of key skills and provision of learning support.

Our Library Essentials quick start guide is available below:

The University of Bolton Library provides access to a range of material to support your studies. Our collections support the University’s strategic direction, that of being a teaching intensive, research informed university, and include:

  • materials physically held by the Library

  • electronic resources accessed through licence agreements with publishers

  • digital information resources created by members of the University and held by the University

Management of the Library's resources and collections is governed by the following policies:

  • Collection Development Policy [Available Soon]

  • Stock Maintenance Policy [Available Soon]

  • Reading List policy [Available Soon]

  • Theses Policy [Available Soon]

A range of study spaces are available. Within the Library there desks both with and without PCs, a quiet study area and a silent study area. Bookable group study rooms are also available.

The Social Learning Zone (SLZ) adjacent to the Library provides seating and further computing facilities. The SLZ is Wifi-enabled so you can either use your own laptop or borrow a Library laptop.

The PCs in the Library are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week during term time. Other classrooms with PCs are available on T2 when they are not in use.

Ten group study rooms are available; book them online here. The facilities on offer in each of the rooms are as follows:

  • Skills for Success Room: interactive whiteboard, PCs, chairs and tables
  • Room 2: interactive whiteboard, a PC, chairs and tables
  • Room 3: large screen monitor and a PC, chairs and a table
  • Room 4: PC, chairs and a table
  • Rooms 5, 6, 7: large interactive touch screens, chairs and tables
  • Rooms 8, 9, 10: large interactive touch screens, chairs and tables

Rooms 5 to 10 are located on T2.

Rooms can be booked for a maximum of two hours and only one group booking is permitted in a 24 hour period. To book a room, ID cards of all those in the group are required.

Seven multi-functional devices enabling printing, photocopying and scanning are available in the Library. To use these facilities, you will need your ID card. A number of help guides are available:

Photocopying and printing charges

Each semester your account will be credited with £10. When you photocopy or print, this account will be debited; prices below. You can top up your account using the self-service machine in the Link Zone, or by visiting the Help Desk.

Black & white, on A4 paper (single sided) £0.04
Black & white, on A4 paper (double sided) £0.07
Black & white, on A3 paper (single sided) £0.06
Black & white, on A3 paper (double sided) £0.11
Black & white, on A4 acetate £0.14
Colour, on A4 paper (single sided)  £0.08
Colour, on A4 paper (double sided) £0.14
Colour, on A3 paper (single sided) £0.12
Colour, on A3 paper (double sided) £0.22
Colour, on A4 acetate £0.18

A number of self-service facilities are available within the Library:

  • Top-up your printing and photocopying account via the machine in the Link Zone
  • Borrow a laptop from the cabinets in the Link Zone. Laptops can be borrowed for a period of three hours and are available at times when the Library is staffed. You will need your ID card to borrow a laptop
  • Issue and return books and manage your Library Account, including reserving books. Manage your Library Account by following the link below:


Softback binding

Two types of softback binding are available for students: thermal and comb. This good quality binding can be used for assignments, projects and dissertations. Comb binding has a plastic spine and thermal binding has a hard metal spine. Both types of binding have a clear plastic front and back cover. 

This is a 4 hour leave and collect service. Items left after 5pm can be collected the following day.

Please ask at the Help Desk for further details and to take advantage of this service.

  • Thermal binding: £2 per document
  • Comb binding: £1 per document
Hardback binding

Hardback binding is provided in conjunction with Walkers Binding, which is based at the University of Salford and used frequently by the University of Bolton.

Email your PDF document to Walkers Binding for a quote. Payment is made online and theses can be delivered to the Library on request.

Other companies are also available: Blissett Thesis Binding (examples available on request from the Library Desk) and BSM Print, a local company suitable for art student. Their telephone number is 01204 656333 or via email.

The University of Bolton has set out the following requirements for hardback binding:

  Front                                      Spine

You are also advised to check the University of Bolton's Research Degree Thesis Binding information for further details.


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Computer availability

Need to access a computer? Click on the link below to see how many machines are free, and where:

About the library

This statement describes the provision all users may expect the Service to provide within the available resources. It also states the responsibilities users are expected to exercise in return.

The Library will provide:
  • Access to materials and services required for learning
  • A friendly, comfortable, quiet and safe environment in which to study
  • Guidance, instruction and information about the services available
  • Assistance with study skills and learning support
Users are expected to:
  • Observe published guidelines on access and behaviour
  • Handle stock (and hardware) in a manner which maintains accessibility
  • Return materials borrowed by the due date
  • Take responsibility for their part in maintaining an appropriate atmosphere in which learning can take place

The University of Bolton Library is committed to helping people get the most out of its facilities and additional services are offered to anyone with a disability of any kind within the Library. Our guide to enhanced learning support services is available here.

The University of Bolton Disability Service can help you to access a wide range of individulised support

The University Library wants users to get the maximum benefit from using our services and seeks to provide an enjoyable and pleasant environment in which to do so: friendly, safe, secure and relaxed.

We request that make yourselves familiar with, and abide by, rules and regulations covering the use of the Library, computers, software and the academic network. These are detailed on this page, which includes a link to the Library Code of Conduct.

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Need some information?

Contact the Library

General library queries:

Call 01204 903094 or send a message to the Help Desk

General IT queries:

Call 01204 903444 or send a message to IT Support

Contact a Librarian:

Call 01204 903232 or send a message to the Librarians

Comments, suggestions and complaints

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, visit this page.

Access your library account

Use the link below to access your Library Account to view borrowed items, track Inter-Library Loan requests and find out if reserved items are ready for collection:

A help guide on getting the most out of your library account is available:

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