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Professional Studies (Complementary Health, Health and Social Care, Supportive and Palliative Care): Useful websites

Useful websites

In addition to the databases listed on this guide, you may also find the following websites useful. This is by no means a complete list. If you are unsure of what makes a good a website, and whether or not a website should be used as a source for an assignment, the section of this guide on Study Skills, which includes a link to LEAP Online will be useful.

Additional resources

As well as this Subject Guide, you may also find the following useful:


Not all apps may be available for all devices. To search for an app go to your device's app store e.g. iTunes Store for iPad or Google Play Store for Android devices. Some apps may require subscription or a payment.

Other sources for apps

There are a number of apps available for students studying anatomy and physiology. The following page is a useful guide:

General Apps

The following links list mainly American apps. Always check user ratings/reviews before downloading!

Are you using something not listed here?

Get in touch with the Health Librarian and let us know!

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is Google's academic search engine. It allows you to search for information published in journals and books, for example. It includes an increasing amount on open access material as well content that you would have to pay to access.

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