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Disabled Students Allowance is a way in which Disability support can be funded in Higher Education. If you are eligible for Disabled students allowance you can apply to your funding body ( Often this wil be student finance England ) with an application form separately or at the same time as your core tuition fee funding application. You need to send medical evidence to show your funding body that you have the condition.  Your funding bdy may then send you eligibility for a Disabled Students allowance needs assessment, a chat with an assessor who can ask you about how your condition affects you and make recommendations for support to your funding body. Ask your Disability Support team at the University about how to apply for Disabled Students allowance. 



Follow this simple flow chart and check list to track your journey through accessing Disabled Students Allowance support.  



Disabled Students Allowance Application Forms

You can follow the link below to find Disabled Students Allowance Applications forms for Student finance England.


If you are from Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales speak to your disability advisor about who your funding body is. If you are not sure if you are eligible for Disabled Students Allowance you can speak with a member of the disability team who may be able to advise you. 01204 903478

Disability Needs assessments