The University of Bolton Student Services

Disability Services

Disclosure and Consent


In order to let disability services know about your disability you may wish to get in touch to disclose your condition. The easiest way of doing this is by getting in touch with disability services directly and making an appointment to discuss support. However you may also fill in a disclosure form with another member of staff and submit this to us so we can get in touch with you.

You might be concerned about disclosing your disability or medical condition to others and if you wish you can ask us not to share your disability information with anyone else in the university. We can agree to unless there are other overriding concerns for example health and safety considerations. However, limiting consent for information sharing also limits the support we can put in place for you and most students prefer us to share information with other parties as relevant. That way we can arrange the best possible support for you. We have a consent form where students can agree to share information with academic tutors in order that we can send a notification to your department for inclusive teaching adjustments. You may want to agree to share information with your parents. We may also ask you to consent to share information with support worker services or student finance in relation to supporting your application for disability support.

If you want to disclose a disability or have any concerns about disclosure you want to discuss you can get in touch with the disability services and speak to a disability advisor.

Alternatively, you can compete the disclosure form shown below and send to us in order that we can contact you to discuss your support needs.