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Medical evidence


The first step on the road to disability support is accessing suitable medical evidence. For Dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties this would be a full diagnostic assessment report carried out by a suitably qualified Educational Psychologist or Specialist Teacher. For medical conditions and mental health conditions, this would usually take the form of medical letters, for example from your doctor or consultant that state the nature of your diagnosis, indicate that this is, or is likely to be a long standing condition, and give some description of how it impacts upon your everyday life. If you don’t have suitable evidence Student Finance have a medical evidence form that Disability Services can provide that you can ask your doctor to complete. If you aren’t sure whether your medical evidence is suitable or want to discuss this further you can get in touch with disability services to talk to a disability advisor.


Student Finance England Disabled Students Allowances Medical Evidence Form Can be Found here : https://media.slc.co.uk/sfe/2021/ft/sfe_dsa_disability_evidence_form_2021_o.pdf 


Dyslexia Testing: If you want to access a diagnostic test for Dyslexia through ths university please get in touch with disability services who can advise you on the current arrangements we have in this regard.