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Disability Services

Academic Notifications


With your consent we can send a disability notification to your academic department for the lecturers who are teaching you on your course. A Disability Notification is a short document informing tutors of your specific learning difficulty, medical condition or mental health condition. It will give information on inclusive teaching strategies that may be appropriate for you. These can include asking tutors to provide PowerPoint slides in advance of lectures by uploading these on Moodle, providing class resources in adjusted font sizes or asking them to show some sensitivity towards sporadic absence for example for hospital appointments. (However departments will have threshold limits for attendance to lectures.) . Other examples of possible adjustments on notifications can include asking tutors to be aware of clarity of instruction for students on the Autistic spectrum or giving guidance on good etiquette for communication if you are a British sign language user or lip reader. If you would like us to send a notification to your department or want to discuss this further please get in touch with disability services to make an appointment with a Disability Advisor.