The University of Bolton Student Services

Disability Services

Careers advice and guidance for Students with A Disability

Our Careers Service have a wide range of resources available which are specifically written for students with a disability or long-term health condition. These guides cover disclosure, communicating your strengths and the job application process. 


How to be Open - Practical steps to be open with an employer about a disability in order to get the adjustments you need.

Benefits of Being Open - Got a disability or long term health condition? Here's why you should be open! An essential guide to help you understand the benefits of being open with an employer.

Disability and DisclosureOverview of the pro’s and cons of disclosure

Demonstrate Your Strengths

Embracing Your Strengths - Explore the additional strengths you have gained through managing a disability and how you can make your disability a ‘plus’ when applying to jobs

Communicating Your Strengths  - Demonstrate how your strengths gained through having a disability relate to the role and set you apart from competition.

Job Applications

Applying with a Disability - The no-sweat guide to completing job application forms and accounting for disability related differences on your CV.

Perform Your Best and Ace the Recruitment Process - Top tips on how to manage your disability and perform your best in psychometric tests, interviews and assessment centres

Recruitment Process Adjustments - A guide to reasonable adjustments and requesting support in the recruitment process.

Writing Cover Letters - Stand out for the right reasons: Advice on writing cover letters regarding disability and long-term health conditions.