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Celebrating the 2023 T.S. Eliot Prize at the University of Bolton Library

by Richard Wyatt on 2024-01-17T11:30:09+00:00 in English and Creative Writing | 0 Comments

The University of Bolton Library is thrilled to highlight the 2023 T.S. Eliot Prize winner, Jason Allen-Paisant, for his outstanding collection "Self-Portrait as Othello." This achievement echoes the diverse and influential voices celebrated in our T.S. Eliot Prize Collection.

Allen-Paisant profile photograph Allen-Paisant's "Self-Portrait as Othello" - Winner The T.S. Eliot PrizeA Literary Masterpiece

Allen-Paisant's "Self-Portrait as Othello" is a masterful exploration of Black masculinity and the immigrant experience, interweaving themes from Shakespeare's Othello with the modern-day. The collection is recognized for its imaginative depth and technical prowess, capturing the essence of contemporary poetry.

Discover the T.S. Eliot Prize Collection

Our library's T.S. Eliot Prize Collection offers a curated selection of works from past and present winners and nominees, showcasing the evolution and richness of poetic expression. You can explore this collection and Allen-Paisant's celebrated work by visiting our T.S. Eliot Prize Collection Reading List.

Happy reading!

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