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Digimap provides online access to Ordnance Survey maps and data. Digimap is the premier tool for map data in higher education and is provided by The University of Edinburgh's innovation service EDINA

Our subscription provides access to the Ordnance Survey collection only: we do not have access to other Digimap collections such as Historic, Marine or Environment collections.

How to access Digimap

Digimap can be accessed at the link below or via our Full A-Z of Databases.

Using Digimap for the first time

You must register individually with Digimap before first use. Log into Digimap using your University of Bolton username and password. You may then need to select the option UK Access Management Federation. Follow the on-screen instructions to receive a registration email. Follow the link in that e-mail to complete your registration.

Downloading map data from Digimap

You can download map data from Digimap to use in a GIS or CAD programme. 

Enter the Ordnance Survey collection and navigate to the area of your choice. Then use the Data Download tool. 

This video from EDINA provides an overview of the process and the range of options available. 

Using Digimap data in GIS/CAD tools

These EDINA webinars provide an overview of working with Digimap data in ArcGIS and CAD.