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The University of Bolton Library

About Us

Library Mission and Strategy

Our Mission

To promote intellectual development, creativity and knowledge by providing access to high quality resources and support for all stakeholders whilst educating in the effective use and critical analysis of information resources.

To proactively engage with stakeholders in the development of services and in support of the University’s aims and objectives.


Strategic Aims to:

  • engage stakeholders within the University and beyond to ensure an informed and inclusive approach to the delivery of information services
  • select, acquire, organise and provide access to relevant published information, in all forms, to support learning, teaching, and research & innovation
  • promote the effective and critical use of information
  • provide a responsive and flexible customer service
  • continually evaluate services and resource provision to ensure relevance and value for money
  • be an essential component of University Academic and Quality Development
  • establish and develop Special Collections of local significance
  • facilitate access to information services to the wider community as appropriate

The Library supports teaching, learning and research at the university by providing access to resources, study space and customer services.

Guiding students and academic staff to easily discoverable and accessible resources whilst providing specific support and in cognizance of the student journey; highlighting advice at appropriate times.

To work closely with academic and professional service colleagues in the development of services and resources whilst ensuring their understanding of the services available.


The library of the future

  • The “eFirst” strategy delivering a highly accessible and fit for purpose scalable digital collection supporting on-campus, satellite buildings and partner institutions alike. On campus, a much reduced but focused print collection including highly valued Special Collections of local significance - The Bullen Collection (The Lancashire Cotton Industry), the Lancashire Authors Association, The Quilters’ Guild and the Historic Youth Work and Community Development Collection (over 60 years of theory) - which will enable new opportunities for teaching, research and community engagement and outreach.
  • We continue to review our online resource provision in view of usage, student and staff feedback, and the development of the University’s portfolio and in support of the development of graduate outcomes and professional skills.  
  • To have enhanced virtual support services, fully established Library Chat, online appointments and online educational sessions together with the virtual help desk.
  • To add value to the “student journey” by providing appropriate timely guidance from induction to final assessment.
  • To, within the academic staff induction process, give a significant grounding in Library Services and resources. To have significant input into university staff development programmes such as STEAM and to contribute appropriately to university strategies such as graduate attainment within GAME.
  • To have highly efficient departmental workflows such as procurement, embedded within University processes such as validation and resource lists, to ensure the quality of services to stakeholders both on and off-campus.
  • The reduction in the physical collection enabling the development of a range of spaces designed to enhance individual and collaborative learning.