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Accessing Electronic Resources: How to access resources

Where to start

In the Library context, 'resources' means journals, books or databases. Electronic resources are resources that are available online: there is no difference in the academic suitability of an electronic resource compared to a print resource. The benefit of using electronic resources is that they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Your first port of call for finding out which the best resources are for your subject is to visit the Subject Guide for your course. For further help, contact your Subject Librarian whose contact details you will find on the relevant Subject Guide.

Accessing electronic resources

Click on a resource link and enter your University username and password. A minority of resources require a different username and password - see the box below for details.

When you login to electronic resources you agree a number of terms and conditions which are available in full here

You may choose to use Discover@Bolton, an individual database or an specific journal. Our quick start guide to finding information for assignments may be helpful:

Non-standard electronic resources

A few resources have a unique username and password that is set by the supplier, rather then using the usual University of Bolton electronic resources logon. If this is the case, information will be given by the resource link.

All of the non-standard resources are listed on the Moodle page below, along with the username and password required. Click the Unique Usernames & Passwords link and log in to Moodle with your usual University username and password. Then click Enrol to access the information.

Need some information?

Contact the Library

General library queries:

Call 01204 903094 or send a message to the Help Desk. You can also use the Library Chat feature on this page. 

General IT queries:

Call 01204 903444 or send a message to IT Support

Contact a Librarian:

Call 01204 903232 or send a message to the Librarians

You can also Book an Online Appointment with an Academic Librarian.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, visit this page.

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