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Celebrating Windrush Day: Honouring the Legacy of the Windrush Generation

by Richard Wyatt on 2023-06-08T15:16:00+01:00 | 0 Comments


On the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush's arrival at Tilbury Docks, the University of Bolton Library is proud to support the University's event celebrating Windrush Day. This significant day commemorates the contributions and experiences of the Windrush Generation, who played a pivotal role in post-war Britain. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity, we are actively involved in creating awareness and fostering dialogue about the Windrush legacy.


Windrush Day: A Historic Milestone

In June 1948, the Empire Windrush arrived in the UK, carrying hundreds of passengers from Caribbean countries. These individuals, along with migrants from across the Commonwealth, responded to the call to fill post-war labour shortages. Termed the "Windrush Generation," they became emblematic of the influx of people to the UK between 1948 and 1973.


Marking the Day

Recognising the importance of commemorating the Windrush Generation, the government established Windrush Day, which falls annually on June 22nd. The Windrush Commemoration Committee, chaired by Baroness Benjamin, was formed to oversee this day. In 2022, the National Windrush Monument, created by sculptor Basil Watson, was unveiled at London Waterloo Station.


To celebrate the 75th anniversary it been reported that King Charles III will commission portraits of some Windrush generation members to mark the anniversary. The Royal Mint has announced a commemorative Windrush 50p coin and the Royal Mail has also announced it will release a Windrush stamp in June 2023.


Embracing Windrush Day at the University of Bolton Library

The University of Bolton Library recognises the significance of Windrush Day and its importance in highlighting the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the Windrush Generation. As part of our support for the University's event, we have undertaken several initiatives to engage and inform our community.

We have curated a comprehensive resource list featuring books, articles, and documentaries that shed light on the Windrush Generation's experiences. This collection aims to provide valuable insights into their stories, struggles, and achievements.

To extend the reach of Windrush Day, we will also dedicate a prominent feature on our website. Within the library, we will also create a captivating display that showcases resources related to the Windrush Generation. The visually engaging display will raise awareness and spark conversations among our library visitors.

As the University of Bolton Library supports the University's Windrush Day event, we honour the remarkable journey and contributions of the Windrush Generation. By highlighting their stories, we celebrate diversity, promote understanding, and inspire future generations. Through celebrating Windrush Day, we strive to ensure that the legacy of the Windrush Generation continues to resonate within our institution and the wider community. Join us in commemorating Windrush Day and collectively embracing the lessons and values imparted by this extraordinary generation.





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