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The University of Bolton Library

ICE Virtual Library

Searching ICE Virtual Library

Basic Searching

The basic default search on ICE Virtual Library will search anywhere in an article. This is a good starting point for retrieving information on a topic, but you can amend this to search for a particular author, journal or citation by clicking on the down arrow.

Enter your search term(s) in the Search box and click on the Search button.

Search tips

Use simple keywords most relevant to your research rather than long complicated phrases or sentences. Use the truncation symbol, *, to search for words with the same root, eg. buil* would search for build, building, built etc.

If you’re searching for a phrase, put speech marks around it, eg. ”tunnel boring”.

Refining searches

You can use filters to narrow down your results by content type, date, subject, keyword, author or publication title. Simply select the relevant options on the left of the screen to apply any filter.

Content Type filters including Research Article

If you select the Research Article content type filter, you are more likely to retrieve results which are included in the Library’s subscription. You can also reduce results by clicking on Refine Search, which allows you to select an extra search field/s and add more search terms.