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The University of Bolton Library

Using Discover@Bolton

Using Discover@Bolton



Discover@Bolton is a useful tool that searches almost all of the resources available to you at the University of Bolton from one simple search bar. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Books
  • E-books
  • Electronic journals
  • Newspaper articles

Using it can save you from accessing each individual journal or database to find the material you need. HOWEVER do be aware that Discover doesn't cover all our resources, and you may want to search within a specific journal or database, so you could also check our Ejournals Portal and our Database A-Z. 

You can search Discover@Bolton from the Library homepage or the search box below. 

There are other resources available to you. You can search through all the individual journals and databases we have to offer. This can be useful if you have been given a specific title to read, or you want to search within a very specific research topic. The advantage of Discover@Bolton is that it searches virtually everything that the library subscribes to, so will save you a lot of time searching through individual titles.

There are also other free external resources that you can use when searching, including Google Scholar and ResearchGate. These have advantages as well; they have a wide range of resources freely available that may not be available through the library, so are always worth searching. The main benefit with using Discover@Bolton is that you will more than likely have immediate access to everything you find, along with being confident its acceptable to use in an academic piece of work. Be careful when using free resources online; make sure it's a legitimate source before you use it in your work. If in doubt, check with the library or your lecturer.