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The Library provides access to a huge range of ebooks - over 200,000 and the number is growing all the time!

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Ebooks will normally have the same content and layout as the printed version, though they have a number of benefits:

  • You can access them on and off-campus
  • In many cases, you don't have to wait for someone to return a book before you can use it
  • They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can search the full text of an ebook, or sometimes the collection that it's a part of - helping you to quickly find the information that's relevant to you!
  • Some ebook platforms allow you to create an individual account so that you can save titles for later and annotate text with notes and highlights.

You can search the Library's ebooks via Discover@Bolton on our homepage. Our Discover@Bolton guide has information and videos to help you search effectively. 

You will also find links to recommended ebooks on your module Resource Lists. 

Alternatively, you can access individual ebook collections and search or browse inside. 

Accessing ebooks

To access ebooks both on- and off-campus, click on the link to the resource and login using your University of Bolton username and password. A minority of resources require additional steps which are indicated in the list of resources.

We have access to ebooks from a range of providers. The exact layout and functionality of each platform can be different, though we have guides to four of the most commonly used platforms on this guide:

If you are having any problems accessing ebooks, please see our troubleshooting guide or contact us


Do I need to download ebooks to use them?

No, you can read the vast majority of our ebooks online in your web browser. Some of our ebook platforms allow you to download ebooks to your device to use offline. See our FAQ on using ebooks with devices like e-readers, or see our more detailed guides on ebook collections for details. 


Terms and conditions of use

When you login to any electronic resource you agree a number of terms and conditions which are available in full here. Some resources require you to agree to additional terms which you may see when you access the resource. 

Finding ebooks via Discover@Bolton

Discover@Bolton includes ebooks and print books held by the library, as well as giving you an option to search for open access ebooks.

Search by book title, author or keyword.


Our Discover@Bolton guide has information and videos to help you search effectively. 


Accessing ebooks via Resource Lists Online

Resource Lists Online (RLO) allows you to access module reading lists, and provides links to electronic resources from within that list where available. RLO is also accessible via Moodle.

For further help with RLO, take a look at the quick start guide: