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Visit our Feedback page for details of how to get in touch and how we act on your feedback. 

EBSCO Ebooks

You will find EBSCO ebooks by searching Discover@Bolton or by following links from Resource Lists Online. You can also log in and browse the collection here

Reading EBSCO Ebooks Online

Downloading EBSCO Ebooks

Accessibility Features

The online book viewer for EBSCO eBooks allows users to Zoom content beyond 200%. The EBSCO Ebook platform has been tested with a range of accessibility tools including screenreaders such as JAWS and NVDA. 

EBSCO's online reader provides books in two formats, PDF and EPUB. Many books are available in both formats, while others are available only in one format.

  • PDF format books have distinct pages, which allow for page-level citations. They have a fixed page size that may not work well on all devices or screen sizes/zoom levels. PDF eBooks are compatible with screen readers using an ASCII text layer.
  • EPUB books automatically resize to fit your screen, and are composed of HTML. This format inherently works well with screen readers as it was designed for accessibility and navigation. Most EPUBs contain heading levels that can be used to navigate within the content.

Downloads may be available in PDF and/or EPUB format. 

For further details see the EBSCO Ebook Accessibility Guide