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The University of Bolton Library


Contact the Library

General library queries:

Use our Contact Us form or view our full contact details

You can also book an Online Research Appointment with an Academic Librarian

General IT queries:

Use the IT Self Service portal to contact IT, request assistance or report a fault.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

Visit our Feedback page for details of how to get in touch and how we act on your feedback. 

Ebook Collections

Ebooks are accessible from both the Library catalogue and Discover@Bolton. However, you may wish to access our range of individual ebook platforms.

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Going into a specific package of ebook content can provide extra search features, like being able to search the full text of the content in that collection. In contrast Discover@Bolton can only search ebook titles and descriptions. 


Reference Collections

Reference material includes encylopedias, thesaruses, dictionaries, manuals and technical companions. Reference sources are great for developing your knowledge of a subject area and looking up facts, figures and regulations.

We have access to two major online reference sources which are accessible via the links below and via Discover@Bolton. 

Think of these as alternatives to websites like Wikipedia.


Open Access ebook collections

These are open collections of ebook content that anyone can access for free online. While there are lots of free and self-published ebooks available online, these are all high quality collections designed for use in Higher Education.