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The University of Bolton Library

O'Reilly for Higher Education


O´Reilly for Higher Education contains books in IT and business from publishers like Adobe, Cisco, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft, O´Reilly, Pearson and Wiley.

You can access O'Reilly here:

Finding Books

There are several ways to find books on the O´Reilly platform. On the Home Page, you can browse Recommended for you, Recently Added and Trending titles. You can browse books by topics. You can search the database, on the result list select the Books filter. 

You will also find relevant ebooks from the O'Reilly platform when searching on Discover@Bolton

The Book Information page

On the Book information page you will find:

  • Links to explore other items from the same author and publisher
  • Time to Complete. To provide an estimate of how much time it will take you to finish reading a book, O'Reilly multiplies the number of pages in the book (or the number of pages remaining in the book if you’ve already started reading) by the time it takes an average person to read a single page.
  • Click Start or Continue to read the book
  • Table of contents. Quickly jump to the chapter you want. You can put the whole book or separate chapters in a Playlist.
  • A book description. For select titles, there will also be resources such as links to the publisher’s website and access to supplemental content.

Book reader page

On the Book reader page you can:

  • Copy text, add highlights and notes. Select text with your cursor and the options will appear. You will find all your annotated books on the Highlights page.

On the menu to the right you can:

  • Use Table of contents.
  • Search inside this book.
  • Change font size, colour mode and reader width.
  • Add a book chapter to a Playlist

For printing, please use the printing features of your browser. You can also copy and paste text from O'Reilly into another external document and print it from there.

Book reader page