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Case Studies

See how Facebook, Airbnb, Target, and IBM did it

What if you had a map from others who have already solved the problems you’re working on? You’d definitely want to see what they had done. O’Reilly case studies help you get to solutions faster. They show how other organizations mapped the same territory you’re facing and made great changes happen.

O’Reilly case studies put key players in the spotlight—real people at companies you know—as they describe the problems they faced, how they worked to overcome them, and what the results were, or how they met the challenge of new opportunities. You’ll get practical takeaways and fresh insights you can apply to your own work.

First presented at O’Reilly conferences, case studies give you the ultimate insider experience.

Finding Case Studies

There are several ways to find Case Studies on the O´Reilly platform. 

On the Home Page, you can scroll down and browse Case Studies.

Featured Case Studies on the O'Reilly homepage


Select See More, then select a Case Study topic using the Topics features. If you've already set personalised topics the case studies will be tailored to you, but you can change your topic preferences at any time. 


Alternatively, you can search O'Reilly using the main search bar. On the result list select the Videos filter. Then select Video Type, then Case Studies.

The Case Study Information page

On the Case Study information page you will find:

  • Links to explore other items from the same author and publisher
  • Click Start or Continue to watch the video
  • Table of contents. For Case Studies there is only one chapter. There will be a progress bar and a checkmark when completed. You can then go to your personal History and continue where you ended. You can also put the whole video in a Playlist.
  • A Case Study description.