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O'Reilly for Higher Education

O'Reilly for Higher Education is the online platform for all things business and technology

O’Reilly has a 40-year track record of helping companies stay ahead of the latest technologies.

O'Reilly for HE homepage, showing featured titles, courses and O'Reilly Answers

Access O'Reilly here:

The O'Reilly platform provides access to a huge amount of learning content including: 

  • Multiple learning formats

Tens of thousands of ebooks (including audiobooks), videos, on-demand courses, and more. All of O'Reilly's renowned "animal" books on software are included on the platform, and new editions are added as they are written as early releases!

  • Content from nearly 200 publishers

The best content from top publishers including Pearson, Harvard Business Review, and, of course, O’Reilly

  • O’Reilly Answers

 Ask a question and O'Reilly Answers will scan through thousands of books using O’Reilly's natural language processing engine to serve up quick solutions you can trust

  • On-demand courses

Learn exactly what you need to know for the top roles in tech today with O'Reilly courses and learning paths, whether you’re just starting out or looking to strengthen the skills you have