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The University of Bolton Library

Performance: Service-wide Surveys

Performance of Student Services, Library, Careers and Student Experience

Service-wide CSE Surveys

General Comments from the latest CSE Survey


  • Fantastic services available at the University-friendly staff wherever you turn. I haven't come across anyone who hasn't got the time for you or are unhelpful in any way. I haven't accessed all of the services on your list but I was made fully aware of the services and what they offer on my first day at the university and I am aware they are there if I ever need them. Truly lovely and inclusive University that I would recommend to anyone.
  • The service at the university are very good.
  • I am happy with the service that I've received so far thanks
  • I have never had any issues with any of the services I have accessed. Staff are helpful and kind.
  • Overall the universities facilities are great. The fact the university offers counselling is a fantastic
  • Overall I believe university of Bolton is a very good uni. It offers support when needed and there are many services that are available that facilitate to your needs.
  • Broadly more than satisfied with services I have accessed. Thank you
  • The staff at the university is very polite and they make sure that every person in the university either studying or working or even visiting has the support they need if you are struggling they help in any way possible. In my opinion the community of the university has worked really well at helping and supporting their students. I have been so lucky the past 2 and a half years to have such wonderful people around me to help.
  • I am very happy with Bolton University and the services they provide to me. Thank you very much
  • All services I’ve used have been very friendly and helpful
  • Thanks
  • Come across no issues. Happy with everything up to now
  • Very good.
  • Very impressed with all services at UoB. Staff are approachable and professional and strive to help.
  • Overall, I consider the necessary services for my needs to be useful and supportive whenever necessary.
  • Overall, I am pleased with the services, support and guidance that we are provided with at the University.
  • Very helpful and always available to help and provide good services.
  • I have received great service from staff working on the services that I have used. May they continue doing the good job they are doing.
  • Very good university. I am happy to be a member of that.
  • The services are generally great and often easier to access than personal tutors / tutors
  • Yes, I want to thank all the service staff from University of Bolton.
  • All the services I have accessed I have found them to be very good and the staff are so friendly and helpful and are always willing to answer any questions you might have.
  • I am fully satisfied of all of these services which I used yet..., Thanks.
  • all the services offered are just brilliant :)
  • One thing that you can truly count on us getting any help you need, whether it be mental health, funding, course enquiries, leisure activities, someone is always their that can guide you to get what you want or help you as much as they can.
  • All services that I have used have generally provided excellent service and can either help directly or point me to the most appropriate place for help
  • the staff and services have been fantastic since I began my studies.
  • I’m ok with services, thank you.
  • All staff at Bolton uni, are friendly and professional. I have not used all services in survey, but have been very happy with the staff I have had dealings with.
  • Those services that I have used have been helpful and effective in supporting my learning.
  • Overall, it is a great service provided by all departments and I find them very helpful.
  • Love the staff in Senate House and reception in IOM!!!
  • All the staff are wonderful and helpful and a blessing to have around when you need any help
  • Staff in small costa near Deane lecture theatre, make my mornings so much more enjoyable. Chris and lady (forgotten her name) are just lovely and always have a cheery smile on their faces. The banter is great too!
  • Overall, staff at the University of Bolton are very helpful, and make you feel welcome.
  • Great teachers in the department.
  • Bravo!
  • Overall, staff at the University of Bolton are very helpful, and make you feel welcome.
  • Greatest university and great staff
  • Sport Centre is better than expected
  • The tutors have been really supportive and give me the necessary guidelines I need to follow.
  • We are lucky to have friendly, smiling, amazing staff in University of Bolton, they are all ready to help, whenever you visit for advise if they can't at that moment help, they will surely direct you to appropriate section. They are always ready to help. Fantastic and brilliant staff. Thanks a million, to all staff at University of Bolton.
  • Other than that, what’s an amazing university. I was impressed by the support given to student’s ex-residents of cube. That was amazing and respect for that.
  • All the staff and services that I have encountered at University of Bolton have been fantastic. I cannot fault them at all. They are friendly, helpful and approachable.
  • All staff at the university of Bolton are always pleasant and treat everyone with the highest level of respect
  • staff have been really helpful and informative, especially Jess and the other Student union staff
  • Overall, the support from the university has been fantastic!
  • I have found all the staff to be friendly and approachable and this helped my nerves a lot when I first started at the university.
  • Very friendly and supportive
  • Very competent staffs
  • Staff are always on hand to help you with anything.
  • Staff are always friendly and helpful. Even if they cannot help you directly, they will do everything possible to find someone who can.
  • Overall, staff are very professional
  • Great university
  • The university satisfies students enquires efficiently; this is why it was always on top of students satisfaction. I am really delighted to be a student in this university.
  • Everybody both students and employees of Bolton university are respectful, very professional and understanding above all.
  • Fab university and they take care of the students


  • I feel let down with some of the services and have considered leaving university but I have decided to try and find my own support university, but I have decided to try and find my own support
  • I found it difficult to assess services I have not accessed but those services I have accessed have been served wonderfully well.