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The University of Bolton Library

Performance: Student Experience

Performance of Student Services, Library, Careers and Student Experience

Student Experience

Comments from latest CSE Survey


  • As an international student I had great experience. Teachers and staff are very helpful friendly and motivational.
  • The university of Bolton is fantastic
  • Overall, had very good experience.
  • Having only just started my university journey at Bolton on a fast track course. I have really enjoyed my time thus far and can't wait to continue with study in Jan 20
  • Love every moment of uni. Can’t complain!
  • Thoroughly enjoying my time at Bolton university
  • Enjoying my university experience so far
  • None. Great learning experience
  • Really enjoying the university so far!
  • I have had a good experience at the University of Bolton and all staff are very friendly and helpful. Being a postgraduate and international student, I do feel at home.