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Comments from latest CSE Survey


  • Staff in the Life Lounge are particularly professional and put you at ease
  • Disability service are fantastic, so helpful. Sport centre staff a really good, just need more of them
  • Member of staff helped me get emergency student funding to put down a deposit on a new flat after the fire, he checked up on me days after as well. He was amazing and put me so at ease and helped so much when I was at such a confusing and scary time of my life.
  • Student services are fantastic, great support.
  • I appreciate Receptionist & student advisers service. I would like them to keep it up & to do more progress on the way they are.


  • Counselling is a fantastic If the Amount of time and appointment can be easily accessed. Like give more chances to get appointment and enough time to the appointed.
  • Despite this I am disappointed with my personal outcome with the life lounge and mental health team. I had one session with a Councillor (after requesting CBT) and missed my second session due to suffering from flu. I got a call to say it was a service no longer available until after Christmas. It wasn't explained very well, and I feel let down by the situation.
  • The disability team does not seem to be as good as it was in 2016, a lot of students are not being supported from friends I know of and are still waiting for appointments. the drop ins should vary mornings and evenings and should have a session at least once every day. and should have a session at least once every day.
  • Mental Health and counselling services detailed information (how to access it) should be provided to the University students by email or as a flyer on the induction and for the late starters. Thanks
  • The University should have more counsellors
  • Disability services need to be more readily available in person rather than relying on emails because the next appointment isn't for well over a month.
  • Why is hardship fund/NHS fund not available to all the university student?
  • Student funding couldn’t provide me with the advice I needed despite the fact SFE told me the university themselves had made changes to my fees and loans
  • Is no acceptable students asking for hardship bursary to wait over a month for a reply?
  • More information should be given to students on funding and finance.
  • The process of sending off a DBS should be a lot faster rather than an 8 week wait
  • People need to be made aware that dbs's can take up to 21 days before being sent off before they start the course, so they are prepared for the timescale rather than finding out when handing them in
  • It would nice if students are given more enlightenment on the DBS service.
  • Not much information is shared on funding for struggling students financially.
  • DBS service is extremely slow. Staff are friendly however very little support is provided.
  • The only downfall on this surgery is the dbs- I am on the PGCE generic programme and it took 4 weeks for my DBS to even be sent off from the university however I was told that everything was fine and it would be sent off immediately. It took 8 weeks fortunately I have applied during the holidays. There are people on my course who have only just received their dbs back and we have been on the course 3 months which has meant they have been unable to start their placement which means they may not fulfil their placement hours needed for the course in the given time frame. Other than that everything is fantastic and even the information I received when I questioned the dbs was good just wish I knew in the first instance

Response to Feedback