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  • The staff at Bolton Uni are very friendly and professional, especially the library staff.
  • Always found the library staff helpful and friendly when I have needed assistance, have also attended a group session (arranged by our tutor) to assist us with use of Discovery to undertake literature searches which was very informative and helpful.
  • Appreciate the effort extended by staff and library staff. Thanks
  • I use the library and staff are always on hand to help
  • Tall young male library staff member with the back hair and wears the short sleeve shirts is very very helpful
  • Library services and staff are really helpful Life lounge is so supportive I feel I may have dropped out without their support
  • From the services I have used which the University has provided, I am really happy and satisfied with them.
  • Wonderful library facilities, staff and materials.
  • Library staff are very help especially the young male staff member with the black shirt hair
  • The information, guidance and support that I have required; I have been given. Staff that I have personally interacted with, including in the library, reception staff and security have been polite and helpful.
  • Member of staff on the library desk is an absolute superstar. So knowledgeable and helpful. A blueprint for 'customer service'
  • Library services are excellent.
  • The 24-Hour library is really useful for people with other commitments outside of university.
  • The staff in library are very helpful and patient
  • I really like the library; it provides the relevant information.
  • I have experienced staff being rude and unapproachable in the main library. Also, the library at Queens does not have that many books for my course.
  • The Library services are really good and has really help me in my studies.
  • The facilities are numerous, and staff are always friendly and helpful. The library is a fantastic attribute, well laid out and full of useful information and helpful sections. The fact that each zone of the library has specific noise rules is a nice touch.
  • I think Bolton University is a fantastic place of learning. The whole institute has supported me really well thus far in my course and I have appreciated all those that have helped me. The culture here is very positive compared to other institutes I have studied at. I would like to mention Rob at the library who has helped me so much. He has been professional throughout and been very patient with me and is a credit to your university. The library staff are brill.


  • IT installation team needs better planning as in the ROWAN room Smart Board is too low to have a full view and the Whiteboard is too high to write on
  • NEED to get more copies of the dsm v for psychology students!! Other than that, everything else is fab
  • Library needs an extension because it’s always full when needed most
  • Just the library Wi-Fi is really poor when using in library. Also, the chairs are very uncomfortable and most don’t even have wheels and sometimes not enough chairs.
  • Tables (PC ones) in the library are not clean
  • Queens campus needs more social workbooks etc
  • There is not always a librarian available at Queen's Campus Library.
  • The library can be hugely confusing sometimes to find a particular book, journal or document. The system in theory sounds good but I have come across issues where things seem placed in a random order and it ends up quite difficult for myself or the staff to find the resource I am looking for.
Other Surveys
National Student Survey (NSS) of final year students   Library % Sector Average
Library Resources (e.g.books, online services and learning spaces) have supported my learning well 2017 76 87
  2018 82 87
  2019 85 88
UK Engagement Survey of those undergraduates NOT eligible for the NSS   Library %  
Library Resources (e.g.books, online services and learning spaces) have supported my learning well 2017 79  
  2018 77  
  2019 81  
Postgraduate Teaching Survey (PTES)   Library %  
Library resources and services are good enough for my needs 2017 73  
  2018 76  
  2019 77  
Postgraduate Research Survey (PRES) bi-annual   Library %  
There is adequate provision of library facilities 2015 67  
  2017 78  
  2019 84  

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