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Depositing Research to UBIR

Depositing research to UBIR

This guide provides information on how you can deposit research to the University of Bolton Institutional Repository (UBIR). There are two ways in which you can deposit research. You can either ask the UBIR Team to do this on your behalf, or you can do this yourself by following a few simple steps. This is known as self-archiving.

This guide focuses on self-archiving. If you chose to self-archive, don't forget that the UBIR Team is always on hand to offer support and additional guidance.

Please ensure that your document complies with the latest accessibility guidelines - see the Accessibility - your responsibilities tab for guidance. 

Which version?

One of the most common questions when considering uploading research to UBIR is "Which version can I use"?

In terms of journal articles, most publishers allow the depositing of what is commonly known as the post-print or author accepted manuscript. In other words, the final, unformatted version of your research. It is unusual for publisher to allow the depositing of the publisher version

For other types of output, publishers may have difference terms and conditions, and in the case of any doubt, you are advised to contact the UBIR Team

Self-archiving your research

  1. Check the terms and conditions of making your research open access checking the Sherpa ROMEO database, Search for either the journal or the publisher and take note of the text beneath the journal details. If the journal in which your article has been published isn’t listed in this database, contact the UBIR Team for advice.
  2. If you want to deposit other types of research material and you are unsure of copyright, contact the UBIR Team.
  3. Visit UBIR and create a UBIR account. 
  4. When you log in, you will reach the Manage deposits screen. Click  to start the deposit process.

You will now upload your items and provide details:

  1. If you are uploading a full-text document, do this here: browse for the item and upload. If you are not uploading, just click 
  2. Select the item type from the list. Each type listed includes an explanation of what it is, and many are included. If you cannot find a suitable item type, select “Other”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and click 
  4. You should see that the item you uploaded earlier on is there. At this point, you might wish to upload additional items, for example, additional commentaries or images.
  5. Click 
  6. Add the details of your item. Fields marked with a  are mandatory. Add as much detail as you can, but leave any that that you are unsure about or that you cannot provide.
  7. Click 
  8. Add a Subject. For help on determining which subject you should use according to the Library of Congress classification scheme in use, see this outline of Library of Congress Classifications.
  9. Click 
  10. Read through the licence and if you agree, click 

That’s it! Your deposit will then be sent to the UBIR Team who will make it live, or contact you in the event of any queries.

Mediated deposit

Mediated deposit means that the UBIR Team will deposit research on your behalf. 

If you wish UBIR staff to carry out this work, send your research in electronic format to The final, author accepted manuscript is preferred as this will negate many issues with copyright, but if you are in any doubt as to which version you should send, just send any that you have. 

When sending research, we ask that you provide as many details as possible (i.e. bibliographic details), including DOIs is available. It is also helpful to know to which university school you are affiliated.

Contact the UBIR Team

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