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The University of Bolton Library

Academic Staff

Digitisation Service

The Library's Digitisation Service enables academic staff to request electronic versions of print readings for their Resource Lists

What can be requested?

The Library can scan chapters or articles from print items held in the Library. We can scan one chapter or article, or 10%, whichever is the greater.

Once scanned the chapter or article can be linked from your online Resource List, for your whole class to access. 

If an item is not held in the Library, and we do not have access to it electronically, we can request a scan via the British Library. Again, once supplied the the chapter or article can be linked from your online Resource List. 

We are subject to limitations relating to copyright, and not all publishers and jurisdictions are covered. When you submit a request, Library staff will check the availability of the item for you. 

How to make a request

If you would like to request a digitised reading for your Resource List, please contact your Academic Librarian via

Your Librarian will set you up with an account on a platform called the CLA Digital Content Store. This enables you to submit requests for digitisation. 

You will be emailed your account details for the CLA Digital Content store. Once you have your account details you can login and make a request. 

Please see the CLA Digital Content store guide for Academic Staff for details of how to submit a request. 

If you are set up on the Digital Content Store but are having problems accessing the service, please contact your Academic Librarian or see the details of how to reset your account password


What happens once I've made a request?

Once you've made a request the Library will process the request, by either scanning a print item in stock or by requesting a scan from the British Library. We will add the reading to your online Resource List and email you the link to the scan as well. We aim to complete requests within 10 working days. 

Can this service be used by students?

No, this service is for academic staff. Please see our Additional Learning Support guide for information about services for disabled and visually impaired users, including RNIB Bookshare.