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Broadcast is the essential source for business information about the British TV Industry, at home and around the world.

The Library provides full access to Broadcast's website content, including podcasts and newsletters. 

Screenshot of the Broadcast homepage

Broadcast is a valuable source of news and analysis for anyone studying media production, television and contemporary culture.

How to access Broadcast

To gain access to the full range of content on Broadcast you must register using your University of Bolton email address.

Go to the Broadcast website, click Register and fill in the registration form (ensuring you use an email that ends in 

Once registered you will receive a registration link via email. Click the link to complete your registration. 

Once you have a Broadcast account, click Sign In to access the full range of website content.

Please note that there are publisher imposed restrictions to the amount of full-text that you can access if you are studying away from campus. Unfortunately, you only have access to five news articles per month. But remember, when you are on-campus, access is unlimited. You may receive an email from Broadcast with upgrade options, this is for individual subscribers only and is not available to the University.   


Broadcast provides a range of email newsletters, including its daily digest Broadcast Daily and Breaking News alerts. Other newsletters covering other aspects of the TV production industry are available too. 


Screenshot of the Broadcast account menu, featuring the My Newsletters option

To sign up to Newsletters, log into your Broadcast account and click on your account settings in the top right hand corner of the site. Select My Newsletters

You can change your newsletter subscriptions at any time. 


Broadcast produces weekly podcasts covering the latest news and analysis on television production. 

Broadcast Newswrap podcasts

Sign into Broadcast and select Broadcast Newswrap from the top menu bar to view the latest podcast episodes. 

You can listen to Newswrap episodes in your browser or download episodes as MP3s. 

Saving articles on Broadcast

You can use the Save Article button to save favourite articles and build up your library. 

You will find your saved articles in the My Library section of your account. Once signed in, just select the My Library option from the menu in top right of the screen.