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The University of Bolton Library

Terms and conditions of access

Terms and conditions of access

When you login to electronic resources, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • I will ensure that all the requirements of the agreements or contracts under which the resource is held by the University of Bolton will be maintained. (Print copies of all licences are filed at the Library, copies may be viewed on application at the IT Support Desk).
  • I will ensure that any Copyright Statement on any copies of the Resource used by me will be maintained and remain unaltered.
  • I will ensure the security and confidentiality of any copy released to me, and will not make any further copies from it or knowingly permit others to do so.
  • I will use the Resource only for purposes defined in the agreement, and only on computer systems covered by the agreement.
  • I will not incorporate a modified version of the Resource in any program written by me without express permission of the Licensor.
  • I will not reverse engineer or decompile the Resource or attempt to do so without such permission explicitly being permitted within the terms of the agreement for its use.

Authorised users may view, download, copy, print and save, and store for editing or temporary storage only, SINGLE COPIES of individual search results or SINGLE COPIES of individual articles and book chapters, e.g. not entire issues of journals or books, for EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.

Commercial use is not permitted.

In addition, some resources require you to agree to additional terms and conditions before accessing the resource. These are clearly indicated.