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The University of Bolton Library


Content in IBISWorld

IBISWorld provides access to research and analysis on industries and business environments in the UK. 

The University of Bolton only has access to UK reports in IBISWorld - please note that US and international reports are not a part of our subscription. 

Reports can be downloaded in PDF, Word and Excel formats. 

Industry Research Reports

IBISWorld's Industry Research Reports provide in-depth data, analysis and actionable insights. 

Each report provides: 

  • An industry definition with information on its main activities, major players, supply chain and related industries
  • Key statistics, data, trends and a SWOT analysis
  • Industry performance, including current and historical performance and external drivers


Business Environment Profiles

IBISWorld's Business Environment Profiles feature provides insights into the economic drivers that can affect industry performance, including consumer behaviour, commodity prices and financial markets.


Business Environment Profiles provide an overview, current performance, outlook and more. Charts and data series are included. The affected industries section will identify how the economic driver affects specific industries.

Brexit Impact Statements

IBISWorld's Brexit Impact Statements provide analysis on over 400 industries.