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The University of Bolton Library


Theses and Dissertations

Examples of theses and dissertations are available from a range of sources.

University of Bolton Postgraduate Theses

Digital copies of UoB Postgraduate Theses can be found on the University's Institutional Repository, UBIRYou can search for a thesis by title, or browse by department. 

Print copies of postgraduate theses are held in the Peter Marsh Library. Please ask at the Library Helpdesk for details. 

University of Bolton Undergraduate Dissertations

Examples of UoB Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Dissertations can be found on our Moodle repository. This is only available to students and staff at the University. To access the repository, please enrol on the Undergraduate Dissertations Moodle site

All examples on the repository received a mark of 2:1 or above. Examples are available from a number of subject areas, including Business and Management, Dental Technology and Health and Social Care. 

We welcome further submissions from academic staff. Please contact your Academic Librarian if you would like to add dissertations to the repository.  

Other Sources of Theses and Dissertations

ProQuest Dissertation eLearning Companions

These short interactive eLearning Companions from ProQuest demystify the dissertation and offer tips on how to extract valuable information from these uniquely valuable resources. They also provide tips on how to get the most of our ProQuest Dissertations and Theses platform. 

ProQuest_eLearning icon: image of a student making notes at a desk

What is a dissertation?

How is a dissertation or thesis useful as a source for my topic?

How do I evaluate if a dissertation or thesis is relevant to my topic?