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Preprints are typically shared via repositories known as preprint servers. ArXiv is a widely used preprint server in computer science and physics. You can find more examples of discipline-specific preprint servers below.

Some preprint servers feature comment features so other researchers can provide feedback. 

In some disciplines such as computer science the use of preprints is a widely established practice. 

Where possible it may be best to reference a final paper (author accepted manuscript) in a literature review where it is available. Speak to your supervisor about the the use of preprints in your discipline. 

This video provides a useful overview of preprints and how they form part of the scholarly publishing cycle.

Sources of preprints

Sharing your research as a preprint

There are a number of benefits to sharing your research as a preprint.

  • Rapid dissemination of your research findings with the academic community and the public
  • Visibility and accessibility as preprints don't sit behind traditional scholarly journal paywalls
  • You can receive feedback from the wider scholarly community before formal peer review
  • Sharing your research as a preprint might produce opportunities for networking and collaboration with other researchers in your field

Most journals will accept submissions that have previously been shared as preprints. You can check the policy of a specific journal title using Sherpa Romeo

This webinar from ASAPBio provides an overview and discussion of the impact of preprints for early career researchers. 

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