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Discover improvements for 2020

by Tim Leonard on 2020-01-30T10:19:00+00:00 | Comments

We’ve started the new year with a host of new improvements to Discover@Bolton!

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Advanced Search refinements

Discover’s Advanced Search feature gives you more options to find the exact information you need. We’ve added a range of new features, including the ability to include and exclude certain results such as Newspaper Articles, Books Reviews etc. You can also filter your results by content type and discipline.

Advanced search feature in Discover@Bolton

You can also do this from Discover’s Results screen. Click More to Include/Exclude certain item types, subject areas, etc.

Include/Exclude feature on Discover@Bolton results screen

We’ve also made a few small changes to the Discover search bar, to make text more clear and readable.


Automatic language feature

Discover will now detect the language settings in your browser and translate the interface appropriately. Pretty clever!

If you want to change the language settings at any point, go to the Menu in the top right hand corner and click English (UK). You’ll see a list of other languages that you can select. These settings will be set for the remainder of your session.

Select Language option on Discover@Bolton menu

These settings won’t translate the content that you find via Discover (like books and articles). But many of our journal and ebook platforms do contain translation features. We’ll highlight these in a future blog post!


New Open Access features

This one has been around for a little while but we’ll include it here! :)  Discover now works with two services called Unpaywall and Open Access Button to help you get access to the articles you need! If we don’t subscribe to the journal that the article is published in, these services will check to see if a version of the article is available on the open web. This could be on a University research repository or an author’s own personal website. Here’s an example of the new feature in action!

If neither Unpaywall or Open Access Button can return a version of the article, it will give you a link to our Inter-Library Loan request form. We may still be able to get a copy of the article you need from the British Library. See our guidance on Inter-Library Loans for more information.

You can also get Unpaywall and Open Access Button extensions for browsers such as Google Chrome, to help you get access to open access papers while you are browsing the open web! Check them out here:





Unpaywall for Chrome and Firefox






Open Access Button for Chrome


More Discover improvements to come in 2020

We’ve got further Discover@Bolton improvements planned for the future – watch this space! We’re also working on a new and improved help guide, to help you get the most out of this amazing search tool! If you need any help making effective use of library resources, remember you can contact your Academic Librarian for guidance or just ask at the Library Helpdesk.

Happy searching! 


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