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Monsters and more! Latest highlights from Stan Winston Online Library

by Tim Leonard on 2021-06-29T09:00:00+01:00 in Film and Media Production, Special and Visual Effects | 0 Comments

A crowd of scary zombies reaching out to the camera

It's Halloween all year round on Stan Winston Online Library, our fantastic video resource for Creative Technologies!

Stan Winston Online Library has video lessons and courses on practical visual effects, makeup, model making and more.

Here's just a few recent highlights. 

Digital to Practical Creature Design

In this special effects character creation course, you'll learn how to design a creature character using a "digital to practical" approach. Monster maker Casey Love (Predators, The Thing, AvP: Requiem) will reveal tips and tricks that will help you create a maquette on screen before rendering it into a sculpture.

Make A Monster Suit

Learn the art of monster suit & animatronic character sculpting with Academy Award nominated special effects character creator, Alec Gillis. In this nearly 5 Hour Sculpting Master Class, Alec shares a wealth of techniques for how to sculpt full monster suit character while also accommodating the facial animatronic mechanisms that will bring it to life.

How to make a Zombie horde on a budget

Learn how to make a zombie horde on a budget with makeup effects master Bruce Spaulding Fuller (Terminator 2, Predator 2, Army of Darkness). From applying affordable generic prosthetics for featured “hero” zombies, to simple build up and makeup techniques for background zombies, Fuller shows you everything you need to know to create your own undead army on a shoestring.

Remote Makeup Application

Learn to plan & prepare a remote makeup application with 2-time Emmy-winning Makeup FX artist, Andy Schoneberg (The Walking Dead, Predators, Jurassic Park). Throughout Hollywood history, makeup artists have found innovative ways to safely practice their craft. When asked by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show to transform comedian Dana Gould into Planet of the Apes' Dr. Zaius at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Schoneberg devised a completely contact-free way to do it.


How to access Stan Winston Online Library

You can access the entire Stan Winston archive via the Library website. Just visit the link for Stan Winston on our A-Z of Databases and sign in to get the unique username and password. If the details you choose are in use by another student, just choose another username and password from the list. 

If you need any help accessing Library resources, please Contact Us or use our Library Chat! 

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