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The University of Bolton Library


Finding items in the Library

Items in the Library are organised by shelfmark. The shelfmark of each item is shown on the Library catalogue and corresponds with a label on the item.

We use the Dewey system of classification. Here are a few key subjects and shelfmarks. 

000-099 Computer science, information and general works
100-199 Philosophy and psychology
200-299 Religion
300-399 Social Sciences - this includes economics at 330-339, law at 340-349 and education at 370-379
400-499 Language
500-599 Pure Science - this includes biology at 570-579
600-699 Technology - this includes medicine and health at 610-69 and engineering at 620-629
700-799 Arts and recreation - this includes graphic arts at 740-749 and photography at 770-779
800-899 Literature
900-999 History and geography

Items at the Peter Marsh Library with a shelfmark of 340-349 are located in the Law Library.


How to find items on the shelves


1. Find the shelfmark and location

Search on Discover@Bolton for a book or subject. From the list of results, select an item and click on Check Availability. Make sure the status on the record for the item you have selected is ‘Available’ and not on loan (indicated by a due date), and that it is not an e-book (showing as ‘Online’).

Catalogue screenshot showing the shelfmark and whether an item is available or not

If an item is on loan you can place a reservation on it

Make a note of the number and letters in the Shelfmark section - or you can search Discover on your phone and take it with you!

2. Find the correct set of shelves.

Numbers are displayed on the ends of the shelving stacks to help you find items.

Shelf ends feature signage to help you find the right section

3. Find the class number on the shelf

Read each bay of books separately, shelf by shelf, before proceeding to the next bay. Three bays and the order in which to search are indicated below.

Search the shelves by going across a shelf and down, then over to the next bay and repeating the process

4. Follow the number sequence

823.8…..823.90……823.91……823.912. When you have found the correct number, books with the same number are filed alphabetically, according to the three letters after the number 823.912 ASA…..823.912 FEE….823.912 ORW.

Find the right section, then using the shelfmark labels, find the right book.

If you are having trouble finding an item please speak to a member of staff at the Library helpdesk - we'll be happy to help. Don't forget that you have access to a huge range of online Library resources as well. You can search a collection of over 200,000 ebooks via Discover@Bolton.