How can I prevent items from becoming overdue?

You can check the return dates for items by logging into My Library Account or by checking the receipt given by our Self Service machines. We also send a courtesy reminder to your University email account the day before an item is due for return. Renew or return items to the Library to prevent them becoming overdue and accruing fines.


Returning items

You can return items to the Library by using the Self Service machines within the Link Zone. When returning items on the Self Service machines always check that all of your items have registered. Please speak to a member of staff at the Library Helpdesk if you have any queries. 


What happens if I do not return items on time?

If an item becomes overdue we will send an overdue reminder to your University email account after one week. If you fail to return the item we will then send you two further reminders. If items are still not returned you will be sent an invoice for the cost of replacing them. If you do receive an invoice please act on this immediately as the matter is then referred to the Finance Department.

If you think you have misplaced an item please Contact Us as soon as possible.

Your fine needs to be less than £5 in order to borrow or renew items.

If you have accrued fines because you were away from the University due to some mitigating circumstances please Contact Us


Library fines

 3 week loans  10p per day for first 2 weeks, then 25p per day 
 1 week loans  10p per day for first week, then 25p per day
 3 day loans  50p per day
 Desk Reference  50p per hour
 High Demand Desk Reference       £5 per hour or part of hour
 Inter-library loans  50p per day
 Five Hour Loan laptops  £5 per hour, up to a maximum of £50
 Long Term Loan Laptops  £1 per day, up to a maximum of £50
 Headsets  50p per hour


How can I pay my fines?


Fines can be paid at the Self-Service machines or at the Library Helpdesk.

Card and Cheque

You can pay by most major credit/debit cards or by cheque (with a valid cheque guarantee card) for amounts over £5 at the Library Helpdesk.