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Everything you need to know about copyright

Accessible copies

There are exemptions that allow copying for people with a disability (including visual impairment conditions such as dyslexia) see detailed information in essentials links.

However, the CLA Licence also covers the making of accessible copies (both paper and digital) for people with a disability (including visual impairment conditions such as dyslexia) that affects their ability to read or access content. This can include both single and multiple copies especially if there is a group of students with very similar accessibility needs.

If accessible copies are made under the Licence, then the following should be noted:

  • An accessible copy can only be made for a specific student or member of staff
  • Source publication must be covered by Licence - use the Check Permissions to clarify
  • The University must own or subscribe to the source publication
  • Any amount of a work can be copied including the whole publication
  • You can only reproduce material if suitable accessible copies are not commercially available
  • You can use techniques to make content accessible, for example by enlarging/reducing type size, using alternative fonts, changing colours (background or font), and text justification
  • Create an audio file containing the spoken words from a made accessible digital copy
  • Include a statement on the copy that its a copy of the original work made under the Licence for the personal use of a print disabled student and cannot be further copied or distributed

Note: any accessible copy made under the Licence does not need reporting to the CLA