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Everything you need to know about copyright

Copyright Do's and Don'ts 


  • Familiarize yourself with copyright law
  • Assume that all material is copyright protected
  • Read copyright notices in publications, websites and those displayed near photocopiers and scanners for assistance
  • Adhere to the CLA licence limits when photocopying or scanning
  • Ensure that any visual or audio recording is done in accordance with the ERA licence
  • Buy all media from a legitimate store and/or website such as iTunes
  • Use short quotes from published work as long as they are properly referenced
  • Use resources such as Flickr, a photosharing site, which has a Creative Commons licence allowing re-use of material


  • Ignore copyright law or think it doesn’t apply to you or that nobody will find out. Infringing it is a serious offence.
  • Think just because the copyright symbol/message/notice isn’t displayed it’s not copyrighted, it is
  • Think just because you remove the copyright symbol/message/notice you can use it, it’s still copyrighted
  • Copy sound recordings, music CDs, films or broadcasts or download them from the web without permission or use peer-to-peer websites to get such material
  • Substitute copying for the purchase of books or copy works intended to be ‘consumable’ in the course of study, for example workbooks or lab manuals
  • Use logos, trademarks or photographs taken in archives, galleries or exhibitions without permission. Some companies regularly monitor the Web for infringement
  • Assume anything on the web is ok to use, just because its freely available doesn’t mean it is free from copyright. Check terms and conditions/copyright for use.
  • Make and distribute multiple copies of materials, distribute multiple copies of materials used semester after semester as this will infringement ‘Fair Use’ requirements