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Searching ScienceDirect

On ScienceDirect, you can perform quick and advanced searches, as well as browse through journals & books.

Quick Search

With a quick search you can filter afterwards. First head to the search bar and enter at least one of the following:

  • Keywords
  • An author name
  • Or the title of a journal or book

Search tips

You can change the connector between the search boxes to use the Boolean operators AND, OR and AND NOT to refine your search.

Use inverted commas around words you want to be considered as a phrase. E.g. “heart attack”.

Use wildcard characters to make your search more effective.  Use a question mark to replace a single character, to assist in looking for alternative spellings, or an asterisk (*) as a multi-character wildcard to replace characters anywhere in a word. 

E.g behav* will find behave, behavior, behaviour, behavioural, behaviourism, etc.  The asterisk replaces 0 or more characters, so it can be used to indicate a character that may or may not be present.  E.g. h*emoglobin will find both hemoglobin and haemoglobin.

Advanced Search

With advanced search you can perform the following:

  • Search by author affiliation or article type
  • Filter for open access/open archives articles
  • Check out suggested publications
  • Filter for volume/issue number in journal/book searches
  • Set search alerts
  • Notice access/entitlement icon on each article
  • Download search alerts list as a .CSV

Video tutorial - performing an Advanced Search



Instead of searching, use the browse page to:

  • Refine publications by domain and sub-domain
  • Select the type of publications
  • Choose the type of access

When you access journals & books on ScienceDirect, you’ll see:

  • Detailed journal & book information
  • Intuitive ways to navigate and interact with content
  • Links to chapters of your choice
  • Links to related journals

Please note that we do not have access to all book and journal content on ScienceDirect. 

Video Tutorial - Browsing Journals