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ScienceDirect Topic Pages

Topic Pages provide concept definitions and subject overviews for researchers who want to expand their knowledge about scholarly and technical terms.

Each synopsis provides a series of short, authoritative, excerpts from book chapters written by subject matter experts in the field. These topic summaries are derived from encyclopedias, reference works and books.

How to find Topic Pages

Visit the ScienceDirect Topics homepage to search or browse through the range of topics. 

When you search for a keyword, all the relevant topic pages will be displayed. Some topics may have entries in multiple disciplines. 

Screenshot of the ScienceDirect Topics page, showing a list of results for "Machine Learning"


Topic pages will provide you with a definition and overview of a subject, taken from a range of reference titles. They also feature excerpts of relevant articles, and suggestions of related journals and ebooks. They will also allow you to explore related terms, and set alerts for new research published on this topic. 

View this example Topic Page for Machine Learning