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The University of Bolton Library


Sustainability and the Library

The Library is committed to making our services more sustainable and has made a number of environmentally friendly improvements.

Library MFDLibrary Book Shelves

  • Motion sensitive lighting in the library stacks which reduces energy consumption during periods of low footfall (like the middle of the night)
  • Motion sensitive taps in our toilets and efficient hand dryers in place of paper towels 
  • Efficient EnergyStar 2.0 compliant MFDs (printers/copiers/scanners) which save both electricity and ink
  • We use plastic-free paper in our printers which is sustainably sourced, certified carbon neutral and both PEFC and EU Ecolabel-certified 
  • The monitors on Library PCs time out to save energy and PC users are also logged out after a period of inactivity
  • We've significantly reduced the number of paper helpsheets we produce since 2019. We've removed paper guides and significantly enhanced our online Subject Guides and Resource Guides

Since 2012 we've been using Anybook as our recycling and disposal partner. We send Anybook our outdated, unused or damaged bookstock and they resell or recycle it. In 2019 we sent 2658.95 kg of books to Anybook, and they recycled 1207.15 kg of that (the weight of a small car!).

Anybook are a great source of second hand books - you can browse their store here

We've also supported other initiatives to reuse and recycle; we recently made a donation to the Books for Abrehot project in Ethiopia