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Visible Body

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Visible Body

Visible Body provides access to cutting edge virtual anatomy and physiology resources. 

The Visible Body web suite gives you access to Anatomy & Physiology, Human Anatomy Atlas, Muscle Premium and lots more content. 

Key features of Visible Body

Visible Body anatomy resources provide:

  • Gross Anatomy 3D virtual cadavers - both female and male models with over 3000 structures and 25 cross-sectional slices
  • Muscle/Bone/Nerves 3D speciality models - featuring 70 moving models of muscle actions
  • Dental 3D speciality models - including 2 upper and lower arch models and maps showing cusps and surfaces
  • General education 3D speciality models including a beating heart with adjustable rate
  • Pathology 3D speciality models, diagnostic visuals and more

All the content in Visible Body is created by biomedical visualization experts and vetted by a panel of outside educators, practitioners, and subject matter experts.