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The University of Bolton Library


Finding Legislation

The Library provides access to two leading sources of legal information - LexisLibrary and Westlaw - which can be used to search for and browse legislation. 

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Neither of these databases are indexed in Discover@Bolton, so to search legislation you will need to log into LexisLibrary or Westlaw and search them directly. 

Their coverage of legislation can vary: LexisLibrary has a focus on UK law while Westlaw may have greater coverage of EU law. Depending on your area of focus you may wish to search both databases separately. 

Finding Legislation on LexisLibrary

You can use the Find a Title feature in LexisLibrary to search for specific information such as a piece of legislation. Enter your search term in the appropriate field and click on Find.

On the results page, use the features on the left hand side of the screen to narrow your results by legislation title, topics, source name etc. 

Selecting the Legislation tab gives more in depth features, such as being able to search within UK or EU legislation. 

Once you select a specific record, LexisLibrary enables you to see if the legislation is still in force, and it also provides an updating feature so you can view different versions.

A detailed guide which covers the Legislation Timeline feature and how to find historical legislation is available from the LexisLibrary website

Finding Legislation on Westlaw

Westlaw enables you to search or browse legislation. 

To search, select the Legislation option in the header menu and select Legislation Search

The content is split into three sections. 

  • Primary & Secondary Legislation – in force legislation from Westminster and Devolved Parliaments.
  • Bills & Draft Legislation – including content from Devolved Parliaments and Brexit content.
  • Policy & Guidance materials – including Codes of Practice, Consultations and HMRC Manuals

To browse legislation, select an area from the Legislation option in the header menu, such as Primary & Secondary or Bills & Drafts.

A detailed user guide on finding legislation is available once you've available once you've logged into Westlaw. Look for the Product Support link at the bottom of the screen.