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The University of Bolton Library


Books and Ebooks

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The Library provides access to a wide range of books, both as ebooks and in print. We work with academic staff to ensure that you have the key resources for your course. The easiest way to search for books is via Discover@Bolton. 


You can search Discover@Bolton from the Library homepage or the search box below. 

Once you have a list of results you can refine them to ebooks or print books held in the Library. Our Discover@Bolton guide has more information on how to filter your search results. 


The Library provides access to over 200,000 ebooks and our collection is growing all the time! You can access ebooks online 24/7 : our Ebooks Guide has detailed information on our main ebook platforms, incuding how to search inside ebooks and make notes and annotations. 

Featured titles

Print Books

The Library provides a collection of over 120,000 print books at the Peter Marsh and Queens Libraries. 

Loan periods other than three week loans are indicated by coloured labels on the spine of the book as follows:

  • One week loan: YELLOW
  • Three week loan: NO LABEL
  • Part-time students only: BLUE
  • Three day loans: ORANGE
  • Two hour loans: GREEN

Some books are held in our High Demand collection which is a two hour loan. Ask at the Help Desk for these.

Items can be borrowed via the self-issue machines in the Link Zone. You will need your ID card in order to borrow. The machines print receipts: keep hold of these. If you are borrowing a DVD, remember to unlock the case on the way out. Any member of Library Staff will be pleased to help you with finding and borrowing items.

Discover@Bolton will link through to the Library catalogue, enabling you to check the availability of Library items. 

Once you've found a Library item on Discover@Bolton that you want to borrow, make a note of the shelfmark. This will help you locate the item in the Library. See our guide to finding items on the shelves

Books located between the shelfmarks 340 and 349 are held in the Law Library.

10 items

15 items
(Education students on postgraduate courses are limited to 10 items)

15 items

University staff
15 items

Automatic renewal: if an item you have borrowed has not been reserved by another user, it will be renewed automatically the day before the item is due. You will receive an email to let you know that the renewal has happened or if you must return any reserved items. 

You don't need to wait for automatic renewal; you can renew any time:

  • Online using My Account
  • Telephone 01204 903094 during staffed hours. Have your University ID card ready.
  • In person at the Help Desk
  • Self-service machines in the Link Zone.

You can check the items you have on your account, and see that they have been renewed, by accessing your Library Account.

There is further information about renewing print items here, and our guide to using the Library catalogue may also be of use:

Return items using the Self Service machines within the Link Zone. Always check the receipt to see that all of your items have registered.

When the Library is not open, use the Book Return Bin, outside of Eagle Bistro.

Reserving items

  • If you need an item already out on loan, you can reserve it. 
  • When returned, the item will be held at the Library Desk for you to collect.
  • You can only reserve three week and one week loan types.
  • You will not be able to reserve items if you have fines above £5 on your account, if you have been sent an invoice for overdue items.
  • You cannot make a reservation if there is an available copy on the shelves.
  • You cannot specify a three or one week loan, you will be allocated the first copy that is returned.
How do I make a reservation?

On the library catalogue, find the item you need and click on the Reserve button. Enter your student number (the eight-digit number on your student card) and Library PIN. We cannot accept reservation requests by telephone.

How will I know when my reservation is ready for collection?

An email will be sent to your university email account when your reservation is ready for collection from the Library Desk.

You can check the status of your reservation by clicking on the 'My Account' link from the Library Catalogue and logging into your borrower account.

Your reservation will be kept at the Library Desk for one week, after which it will either be made available to the next borrower in the reservation queue or returned to the shelves if there is no queue.

If an item becomes overdue because we were unable to renew automatically, we will send an overdue reminder to your university email account after one week. If you fail to return the item we will then send you two further reminders. If items are still not returned you will be sent an invoice for the cost of replacing them. If you do receive an invoice please act on this immediately as the matter is then referred to the Finance Department.

If you think you have misplaced an item please contact us as soon as possible.

Your fine needs to be less than £5 in order to borrow or renew items.

If you have accrued fines because you were away from the University due to some mitigating circumstances please contact us


Library fines

  • 3 week loans: 10p per day for first 2 weeks, then 25p per day
  • 1 week loans: 10p per day for first week, then 25p per day
  • 3 day loans: 50p per day
  • Desk Reference: 50p per hour
  • High Demand Desk Reference: £5 per hour or part hour
  • Inter-Library Loans: 50p per day
  • Laptop loans: £5 per hour or part hour

You can view the items you have on loan, track Inter-Library Loans requests and find if reserved items are ready for collection. 

A help guide on getting the most out of your library account is available:


Print books for Law and related subjects can be found at the following classmarks:

Classmark Subject area
150 Psychology
300 Social sciences
320 Political science
330 Economics
340* Law
341* Law of nations
342* Constitutional and administrative law
343* Military, tax, trade & industrial law
344* Labour, social, education & cultural law
345* Criminal law
346* Private law
347* Civil procedure & courts
348* Laws, regulations & cases
349* Law of specific jurisdictions & areas
350 Public administration & military science
360 Social problems & services; associations
361 Social problems & social welfare in general
364 Criminology
365 Penal & related institutions
370 Education
600 Technology
800 Literature
900 History & geography

*Classmarks in the range 340-349 are held in the Law Library.

The Law Library

The Law Library is suitable for individual quiet study and has a range of desks and PCs. Book stock between the range of 340-349 is located in the Law Library. 

Entrance to the Law Library
Interior of the Law Library, featuring book shelves, desks and windows
Interior of the Law Library featuring desks and bookshelves

Reference Sources

The Library has a small print reference collection; these cannot be borrowed. However, we have access to two online reference sources which are accessible via the links below and via Discover@Bolton: