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How LEAP Online can help with upcoming exams

by David Howard on 2022-05-04T11:18:30+01:00 in LEAP Online | Comments

How LEAP Online can help with your upcoming exams


Navigating exams can be challenging, even for the most experienced candidate. However, regardless of your exam-related concerns, the University is dedicated to supporting you through the exam process. In this blog, we’ll look at how LEAP Online can support students to address the challenges exams present.  

Exam week is often met with a swarm of feelings, not least excitement and the desire to succeed. However, the pressure to do well is often associated with a sense of anxiety or stress. Are these feelings you can easily relate to? If so, remember that, a certain level of apprehension around exam time, is completely normal. According to Woods and McCaldin (2022) small, manageable levels of apprehension may be beneficial, as it allows some students to focus, prepare and perform at their best. Understandably, however, not all students will respond in the same way so, whatever your exam-related concerns are, LEAP Online offers a wide-range of resources to help support you through this process.

Let’s take a look at how some of the key topics on LEAP Online can help you with exam preparation.

Exam Revision

Regardless of the exam you’re about to sit, preparation is crucial. Effective revision requires planning and focus. Therefore, take a look at the Examination Tutorial on LEAP Online for useful tips to help you get the most out of revision preparation.  

Your Wellbeing

As mentioned above, exams may bring a sense of apprehension, which can unsettle many students. The following LEAP Online topics are designed to empower students to look after their mental wellbeing.

  1. Mindfulness  
  2. Managing Anxiety
  3. Reading for Pleasure 
  4. Stress Management

Work-life balance

Around exam week your work-life balance may become unsettled, especially if demands exceed your ability to cope. Work-Life Balance on LEAP Online provides useful tips to help you find the right balance.

Time management

Following on from the previous point, it is important to manage your time effectively. By doing so, it can help increase your productivity, especially in the lead up to and during the exam. Time Management on LEAP Online outlines different ways to help manage your time effectively.

For further support with time management and exam revision, have you considered attending one of the Library's upcoming online revision workshops? For more information or to book a place at one of these workshops, check out the latest blog post here.   

Set realistic goals

If you set realistic goals, which are achievable and can be reflected upon, you will be able to realise your full potential. Goal Setting on LEAP Online provides useful tips to help you achieve your goals.

Academic Skills

For essay-style questions, this will test your ability to recall facts, information and understanding on a specific topic. Writing an essay for a module assignment can be difficult, but under the time pressure of an exam, can be even more challenging. The following topics on LEAP Online lend themselves to examinations and will help you to develop your academic skills.

  1. For help with planning, style and structure, see Essay Writing
  2. For help with spelling, punctuation and grammar, see the English Modules.  
  3. For useful tips on reviewing your work, see Proofreading.
  4. Over the past year, you would have received feedback from academic staff in relation to your assignments. To learn more about how you get the most out of your feedback, see Using Feedback Effectively

Additional Resources

Skills@Library workshops

For additional support, check out the upcoming Skills@Library workshops. 

Life Lounge

For some students, persistent exam worries can negatively impact on their wellbeing and exam preparation. For further support, speak to Life Lounge, who can be contacted at:


Hopefully, this blog has explained how LEAP Online can support you with your upcoming exam preparation. Don’t forget, for each topic that you complete, you will earn a digital badge, that will be added to your Moodle profile.

On a final note, Good luck!

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Woods, K. and McCaldin, T. (2022) The Ofqual blog. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 26 April 2022].  


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