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Research support: Starting point

Using this guide

To get the most out of this guide, follow the tabs above. As well as research-specific information, you will also find information on accessing more general library services. 

Helpful tools

There are a number of tools you can use to help you get started on and develop your research journey:

  • This Subject Guide
  • The Subject Guide for your particular topic of interest. You may find that you need to use resources whose coverage is beyond those you are used to.
  • Your Subject Librarian.
  • Inter-Library Loans and using other libraries
  • LEAP Online for study skills resources

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for anyone who is undertaking research of any description, and at any point in their academic career. Academic librarians can help students and staff with research support at all levels from undergraduate to postdoctoral. We can provide help in a number of ways. Guidance can be given in one-to-one or groups sessions to students dissertations or extended pieces of writing for the first time, or to academic colleagues handling literature reviews to support their own research. We can also give more generic guidance to cohorts of students undertaking research in relation to particular modules.

Databases for research

A key part of undertaking research, especially at a high level, is having an appreciation of previous research. Often known as a literature review, this systematic seeking out of previous research is essential for academic context. If you are considering doing research at a higher level still - for example, an MPhil or PhD by research - you need to be able to demonstrate your contribution to the body of knowledge: the higher the level of research, the greater the requirement for originality. 

There are a number of databases you could use to help you here:

Your Research Support Librarian

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Anne Keddie

Contact the Library

General library queries:

Call 01204 903094 or send a message to the Help Desk. You can also use the Library Chat feature on this page. 

General IT queries:

Call 01204 903444 or send a message to IT Support

Contact a Librarian:

Call 01204 903232 or send a message to the Librarians

You can also Book an Online Appointment with an Academic Librarian.

Comments, suggestions and complaints

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints, visit this page.

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