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The University of Bolton Library


Creating a Bibliography

You can easily create a bibliography from the All References area, any folder or your search results list.

Navigate to the folder you want to use (or the All References area or run a search and select items) and click the Create bibliography icon.  

Create Bibliography button

You can choose to create a bibliography for selected references or for all of the reference in the folder (or in All References if that's the view you are in).


Create Bibliography on pulldown

Next, search for your output style and select it. If you using Harvard, you will see there are several options. We recommend using Harvard 2020 as it is the closest version to University of Bolton Harvard, although you will still need to check and tweak it. Other popular options include APA, Chicago (Numeric) and OSCOLA. You can search for a citation style if it doesn't appear in the drop down menu.  

Once you have selected your citation style, your formatted bibliography will be displayed in your browser for you to copy and paste into any word processing software.

Select Output style